Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Looking for an Automation Test Specialist

We are looking for an Automation Test Specialist with QuickTest Pro experience to join one of our clients on an initial 3 month contract.

This contract is based in Brisbane starting ASAP.

You will be expected to use your superior QTP experience to automate system, regression and smoke tests.

You will be rewarded with an attractive contract rate and agency benefits.

Apply today for a quick decision!

Friday, 19 October 2007

New look

Targeted Resourcing Solutions has undergone a bit of a face lift.

After 3 years we felt it was time to freshen things up a little and define a brand that better portrayed what Targeted Resourcing Solutions was all about.

We engaged Brand Building and Design company - ArtSpoken.

Working with the ArtSpoken consultant we came up with a whole new approach to our brand.

Our new website is now fully operational an includes a new Registration page as well as a very useful Downloads page designed to help job seekers.

We hope that you enjoy our new website and our new look.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Rare skills in Brisbane

During the last 6-9 months is has become clear that the following skills are rather thin on the ground in Brisbane:

  • J2EE Developers and Administrators
  • MS Developers - InfoPath, SharePoint, .Net
  • SAP resources
  • Cognos developers
  • Commercial web application developer - Java, PHP + .Net

This does not mean that if you are in one of these roles that you can demand huge contract rates. What it actually means is that you can take your time when choosing your next contract role.

Rather than just thinking about $$$$$, you should consider the reputation, prestige, profile for the organisation and chose the organisation that will benefit you the most.

Brisbane Testing Market

The last month or so has seen some dramatic changes in the Brisbane IT Market.

Especially in Software Testing - there appears to be a shift from Contract to Permanent recruitment with employers currently more interested in engaging permanent test professionals.

Historically Brisbane has favoured Contract Testers - so why the switch?

There are a number of possible reasons, but 2 main ones could explain the shift:

1 - Contractor rates
Over the last 6 months a number large high profile profile projects have had staffing issues and have literally thrown money at Testers to make them stay. These projects have created a dangerous president and contractors in the Testing arena are now demanding unrealistic rates. I personally have come across people who 12 - 24 months ago would have been happy working for $45 per hour who are now asking $75 per hour. That's an increase of over 50% in 2 years!!! no wonder employers have had enough!

Contractors demanding these unrealistic rates are killing the market. Come on guys - be serious and ask yourself - do you really think you are worth the money you are demanding?

It's simple economic - if you out-price yourself you will end out out of work! It's as simple as that! A word of advice - don't try to hold your agency or employer to ransom - be reasonable.

2 - Federal Election
There is another theory that may explain the shift. With the federal election just around the corner there is some uncertainty around 'Work Place Relations' and what may happen post a Federal Election.

It is conceivable that employers are looking to bring permanent employees in now while they know where they stand, before any changes are enforced on them by the Federal Government.

Either way there has been a definite change in the way that Brisbane employers engage Testers so keep that in mind next time you complain about your rates!

Thursday, 9 August 2007

ISEB / ISTQB Certification

There is a view that all Tester should get certified.

Will this really help promote Testing and QA as a valued and necessary part of the SDLC or is it just a marketing ploy by the training providers?

Either way, I tend to agree that certification is a good thing, but how valued and recognised in the ISEB/ISTQB Testing Certification in the workplace?

For independent contracts is it really worth the investment?

Which browser

IE is still by far the most popular browser currently in use.

However with different browsers growing in popularity is it enough to just test websites in IE6 or IE7?

How important is browser compatibility testing and how extensively should compatibility be verified?

Are there any specific problems or quirks that web testers should watch out for?

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

What makes a good tester

If BAs and Developers do not necessarily make good testers, what is it about real career testers that sets them apart from the rest?


What exactly makes a good tester?